These characters were created based on a basic written description provided by the original creators of the characters and a round of feedback based on a set of loose concept sketches. 
Price per Character Design, 70 €

Alice and her Pseudodragon Familiar "Dingo" (Jacob Odgen's OC)

Alice in action! Dungeons and Dragon's Warlock.

Simplified Character Design for Short Comic Project (Felix Pelton's OCs)

height reference chart for my D&D 5e homegame

Original D&D 5e party from my homegame

Two Alven Warriors Interacting, Dungeons and Dragons characters, 2021 (Isaac Phillips' OC)

Sparrow basedAaarakocra Swashbuckler, Dungeons and Dragons character, 2021 (Isaac Phillips' OC)

Fighter Riding an Axe Beak Mount, Dungeons and Dragons Homegame Character , 2021

Character Concept for RPG game pitch. 2019

Costume Design Concept for Personal graphic Novel Project "Graduation Nightmares", 2020

Samurai Dog Concept Art for the Main Character of "Warrior Breed" Short Comic, 2019


Human Genie Warlock (Dao) Dungeons and Dragons Homegame Character Design, 2021

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